Who We Are

During the last decade, the Laurentian Vision Partnership has been working with mining, government, business and community interests on the Mesabi Iron Range to demonstrate how the mining process can create land forms to accommodate the residents, the environment, and the economy of this region’s promising future. Through participation in the Laurentian Vision Partnership, a diverse group of stakeholders will have a voice in designing the future landscape of the Iron Range.

The Laurentian Vision Partnership is a regional coalition that promotes the development of productive post-mining landscapes on the Mesabi Iron Range by cooperating in:

  • Preserving lands necessary to sustain current and future mining
  • Promoting landscape options for post mining uses
  • Identifying and discussing new development opportunities
  • Providing the tools to achieve these goals

Serving as both a convener an a land planner, the Laurentian Vision Partnership facilitates discussion and decision- making among all interest groups and helps identify lands, economic, recreation, or resource uses that meet both existing and potential mining and community goals.

Since the inception of the Laurentian Vision Partnership, stakeholders have begun crafting future goals for the region and clarifying the steps needed to transform these goals into reality. It has encouraged planned-design efforts by mining companies and communities throughout the Mesabi Iron Range and supports new ideas for the long-term restoration and development of individual mine sites.

The Laurentian Vision Partnership supports the Mesabi Iron Range as a healthy place to live and work by transforming the regions mine pits and stockpiles into new lakes and functional landscapes….to provide a future legacy for the Iron Range.